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Being involved in a mentorship program is a practical way to grow as a practitioner and develop new talents. As practitioners, we are forever students and should always advance the standard of care.


The goal of our program is to guide practitioners toward success. This can come in many forms such as:

  • Understanding the OPC clinical lens

  • Performing a comprehensive neurologic examination

  • Clinical applications of examination findings

  • How to combine clinical neuroscience and acupuncture into your treatments

  • Implementing clinical neuroscience into your practice

  • Specific patient chief complaints

  • Positive growth of your practice

Figure 5 - One-on-one virtual mentor session between mentor Dr. Isaiah Redfern and mentee Dr. Julian Coronas.

Each mentor-mentee relationship is different. However, each relationship is held to the same high standards.


What we demand from our mentees is a commitment to meet deadlines and come to each session prepared. We view each session as an opportunity to move toward success, and that journey cannot occur if the mentor and mentee are not sharing the responsibilities equally.

At the end of each session, you will be equipped with tools to implement during your next day in practice and assigned pre-work to have completed for your next session.



Our mentorship program is available in the following formats:

  • One-on-one

  • One-to-many

Both of the above options are available for

in-person or virtual sessions.


For one-to-many, there is a strict session structure to ensure all mentees receive the same level of mentorship.

Our mentorship program is available to students and practitioners in the following domains:

  • Medical Physician

  • Chiropractic

  • Naturopathy

  • Osteopathy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Psychology

  • Personal training

To begin the application process for our mentorship program please provide a brief outline regarding what you'd like to accomplish as a mentee as well as your scope of practice by emailing us here.

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