Dr. Redfern is a graduate of Lakehead University, where he received an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology. He went on to pursue his passion for manual medicine and received his doctorate from New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Redfern is also a member of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR). He completed his clinical education in Buffalo, New York where he gained the knowledge to apply manual medicine to both the sports community and general public in a thoughtful and creative manner. He has been heavily inspired by Dr. Robert Luckey of Pittsford Performance Care, who mentored him in the integration of neurology into an effective practice model. The neurological aspect of care and its effect on recovery have always been a crucial focus of  Dr. Redfern’s in creating lasting improvement in his patients.


Between the time growing up in Cambridge, Ontario and living in Thunder Bay, Ontario and Buffalo, New York Dr. Redfern has always aspired to make a difference in the lives of those he met. He has a passionate desire for advancement in the field of health care. His primary reason for being so devoted in his field is frustrating experiences with the management of loved one's previous injuries. He has made it his mission to simply deliver the absolute highest level of care in the shortest time frame possible in order to return his patients to what they enjoy as quickly as possible.


Dr. Maranger is a graduate from the University of Ottawa, where he received an Honours Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Human Kinetics. During this time he followed his passion for health care and worked as a strength and conditioning coach for high-performance athletes as well as a personal trainer for clients of all ages and abilities. 


During this time Dr. Maranger realized that many of the individuals he would work with also presented with forms of painful movement disorders. This realization is what prompted him to pursue his passion for manual medicine and receive his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College with academic honours and received an advanced certificate in Sports Science and Human Performance. Additionally, Dr. Maranger has specialized in neurofunctional acupuncture where he completed the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program at McMaster University and is certified in Active Release Technique (ART).


Dr. Maranger has been heavily inspired by the Buffalo Bills team Acupuncturist Dan Dominguez, who mentored him in leveraging the nervous system through an acupuncture lens to both treat and decrease the risk of injuries. The neurologic aspect of care and its effect on recovery have been crucial factors for Dr. Maranger in patient care.


Docteur Maranger est parfaitement bilingue en Français et en Anglais.


Jasmine Chan, RN, HHN is a graduate from McMaster University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During this time, Jasmine continued to work in an acute care setting developing her clinical skills and



Throughout Jasmine's education and professional career she has also had the opportunity to be a mentor to nursing students of all education years.

Jasmine’s passion and pursuit for holistic health began when she started seeking answers for her own health. During this time, she was exposed to bioenergetic medicine and the results she received through this experience opened her eyes to a new way of healing. Fascinated with her own symptom relief, this motivated Jasmine to pursue a career in bioenergetic medicine under the mentorship of Jason Persaud.

Jasmine’s approach to healing is patient-centred care and holistic, encompassing the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and environmental well-being. Jasmine believes in forming a partnership with patients to both identify and explore the root cause of their symptoms as well as empowering and equipping patients with the necessary tools to take control of their health.


Amilcar is a graduate of the Canadian College of Health Science & Technology after transferring from our local Algonquin College. During his education, Amilcar had the opportunity to perfect his manual therapy skills as well as offer mentorship to the students in earlier education years.


Over the past decade, Amilcar has progressed extensively in the martial art Chuai Chiao, commonly known as Chinese wrestling. Amilcar’s passion for manual therapy stems from seeing the profound benefits his fellow martial art competitors experienced from their therapy before and after events. It was at this moment that Amilcar knew the type of care he wanted to offer his clients, a care that has the ability to not only treat the complaint of concern but also reduce the likelihood of its return.

Amilcar has a passion for working with both sports injuries as well as common muscular pain/ tightness. He strives to deliver the best possible care for his clients by identifying the source of the problem rather than providing temporary relief.



Tanya Rust M.A., CCC, CT, RP completed her Master of Arts degree from Saint Paul University/ University of Ottawa in Counselling and Spirituality. She is a Canadian Certified Counsellor, Counselling Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist.


With these qualifications, Tanya is able to help clients across the country as well as certain international locations. She has additional training in Internal Family Systems Therapy with the IFS Counselling Association.


Tanya has helped clients in dealing with issues such as self-worth, trauma, life transitions, anxiety, grief and loss, chronic pain, chronic illness, depressive symptoms, anger management, spiritual issues, workplace stress, etc.


Tanya is passionate about helping people explore their inner world. When individuals gain insight and awareness into the past and present, they can progress and adjust for the future. This can help maximize a person’s perspective and potential. 

Tanya uses an integrative compassion-focused approach to counselling that focuses on the individual and their goals. This approach acts as a guide in create a clear way forward. Tanya creates a safe and comfortable environment that enables clients to address their fears and anxieties. 

At Ottawa Performance Care our goal is simple: To deliver the absolute highest level of care in the shortest time frame possible so you can get back to what you enjoy as quickly as possible.

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