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At OPC our goal for patient care is simple, we strive to treat your condition of concern properly and in an industry-leading timeframe.


We find the often overlooked problem(s); stimulate the appropriate neurologic pathways to create plasticity; reinforce the repair and produce permanency. Our methods are deeply rooted in the science that governs the fields of Clinical Neuroscience, Chiropractic medicine and high-end sports performance training.

The mission of OPC is to advance clinical outcomes and human performance through the systematic application of neural-based receptor activation. Our sequentially driven system recognizes the supremacy of the autonomic nervous system and sensory integration, ultimately the two factors dictating our output.


Our philosophy permits the acceptance of techniques and systems that can aid in increasing neurologic plasticity and drive a rapid healing response.


Figure 6 - Andrew's discharge visit after completing our Vestibular Rehabilitation Program with Dr. Isaiah Redfern

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