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Athletics today are consistently raising their performance demands, with this increased demand to perform comes the increased prevalence of neuromuscular injuries. This has become evident by our own clinical demand in the athletic population. We are choosing to not overlook this trend but rather offer a solution to protect and enhance our athletes. 


The OPC Performance Enhancement Program has been designed to not only decrease the prevalence of injuries but to also permit better athleticism, especially for those who have aspirations of athletic participation at higher levels. We believe that attentive monitoring rather than reaction can insulate an athlete against most, if not all injuries. We understand that accidents do occur, but would like to decrease the opportunity and unlock true athletic potential.


Professional Hockey Goalie Matt O'Connor after 5 days of our Performance Enhancement Program before returning to France

Program details


  • Initial neurologic assessment

  • 5-Day Intensive, Bi-Weekly or Monthly neurologic treatment and refining

  • Individualized neurologic warm-up strategy

The OPC Performance Enhancement Program is versatile in its design. Both full season and isolated weeks are appropriate for its use.


Please contact our office for more information

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