Clinical Neuroscience Based Strategies Designed for Concussion Rehabilitation & Injury Treatment

Our treatment strategies are rooted in clinical neuroscience, such strategies are designed to not only treat the condition of concern in an expedited time frame, but simultaneously discover the origin of the complaint, to ensure it doesn’t reoccur.



Ottawa Performance Care (OPC) specializes in integrating clinical neuroscience based treatment strategies. OPC doctors take pride in their ability to return patients to pre-injury status in an industry-leading time frame. Treatment schedules are designed to accommodate our patients needs in an urgent manner. All critical resources for treatment and aftercare of injuries are available at our location in the Ottawa Trainyards.

When looking at a mTBI or other neurologic disorders our primary goal is to identify the key components of the neuraxis that are not integrating appropriately and provide thoughtful and direct stimulation to the neurologic pathways of concern, in order to create plasticity and ultimately resolve the complaint.

In regards to muskuloskeletal injuries, our nervous system is the driving force behind every action we perform, incoming sensory information is also what dictates our motor output. When sensorimotor integration is flawless our nervous system feels protected, allowing a larger pain-free range of motion as well as the ability to perform movement explosively. This ultimately translates into pain and injury-free performance.




"All symptoms, regardless of severity, duration or intensity all have one commonality.

The nervous system."

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